Deal or Dud - The Flex Seal

- Do you have a roof or gutter leak in your home that needs to be sealed, but you don’t want to break the bank fixing it? Then listen up – the Flex Seal claims to be the ultimate sealant for its price tag. Fox16’s Chad Garneau put it to the Deal or Dud test.

After several years, you're bound to find leaks around your home.

But the makers of the Flex Seal say they can fix that problem quickly and save you thousands of dollars doing it.

Every time it rains – or we make it rain – water pours into Brian’s porch at his home.

“It has corroded down at the bottom and the water...some is going down the gutter and it seems to me like more is coming out of the crack," Brian said.

He’s hoping to fix that crack with the aresol sealant – the Flex Seal.

After a quick read of the instructions, we’re ready to test.

Brian makes the trip to the roofline and sprays the Flex Seal on the area that’s leaking. He also sprays inside the gutter to give it an added layer of protection. It goes on like spray paint, and
Brian gets a little in places he didn’t mean to.

"One thing – be very careful cause it can get messy," Brian said.

After waiting 24 hours – Chad and Brian are disappointed. The water streams through the crack – Flex Seal isn’t doing its job.

Maybe another layer will do the trick.

In all, this crack received three coats of Flex Seal with at least

24 hours of drying before each coating.

"It doesn't seem to be leaking out of the gutter, or did some just start coming out right now?" Brian asked.

There’s still a leak – but it isn’t as leaky as it was before the Flex Seal.

To give the product one last shot – Brian also tried Flex Seal on a flower pot. The Flex Seal greatly reduced the leak, but water is still coming out.

So is it a deal or a dud?

“We’re going to say deal-ud,” Brian said. After thinking about it, he declared it a dud.

If you think the Flex Seal will fix one of your leaks, you can order it online at the company’s website for $20, minus the shipping cost.

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