Deal or Dud: The Furniture Fix

- For those looking for a quick fix to that saggy cushion, you may be tempted to pick up the furniture fix. The seat saver comes with sick panels that lock together, making it easy to fit under any upholstery.

Connie saw the commercial and heard the hype, so she wanted to test it out.

Her sofa recently bit the dust when her friends came over one night.

"I was working out of town, and I had a couple staying with me and the man weighed close to 300 pounds," Connie said.

300 pounds plus a one night stay equals a saggy couch.

In less than a minute, Connie has the furniture fix ready.

Fox16’s Chad Garneau helps Connie connect the rest of the panels, at which point it’s time for the big test.

Connie removes the seats and Chad places the Furniture Fix into place.

They adjust the panels and – success!

After Connie’s reaction, Chad gives it a shot. Another victory for the Furniture Fix.

Like the commercial showed, the panels are durable – and Connie thinks it’s better than using plywood.

"The con against the plywood to me is that would be it would get splinters,” It would start to disintegrate eventually using particle boards or something."

So is it a deal or a dud?

"It's a deal!"

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