Deal or Dud: The Gyro Bowl

- The Gyro Bowl is a unique product geared toward preventing those messy spills kids can make. The colorful bowl tips to either side and features a blue handle on the outside for an easy grip.

Sheneal heard about the product and brought her three-year-old daughter Abby to give the Gyro Bowl a try.

In the beginning, Abby played with the no-spill bowl and carried it around the station. Nothing was coming out – yet.

But then it came time to see if the bowl could withstand the ultimate test – shoving it off a table.

After missing on her first swipe (oops!), Abby tossed the Gyro Bowl aside – and it made a mess.

For the second trial, the bowl was filled with water. Abby tossed it off the table again – only to get the same result.

Needless to say, the Gyro Bowl works fine when you twirl it slowly, but the moment you drop it – everything spills out.

Would Abby's mom recommend this for parents to use with their kids?

"No, I would not," Sheneal said. "It would make more of a mess than…just as much of a mess as the bowl I have."

Does little Abby agree with her mom?

"It's a dud." The judges have spoken.

If you believe that the gyro bowl will prevent spills from your kids, you can purchase it online for $13.

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