Deal or Dud: The Magnetic Coozie

- There’s nothing like a nice, cold beverage on a warm tailgating day.

But what if you didn’t want to carry your chilled drink all the time? What if you could just set it aside or stick it on your car? That’s what the Magnetic Coozie is all about.

This special insulated sleeve claims to hold your favorite tailgating beverage to any metal surface including your car.

It’s hands-free and comes at a fairy cheap price – but does the casual fan care?

It sticks to your car, but can it hold your drink? Sophie checked it out…and it wasn’t as easy as it looked. She finally got the drink in the sleeve and got the coozie to stick to the car – but is that enough to call it a deal?


The vote is split 50/50 – onto the next testers.

With no Razorback logo and a fairly high price tag, the magnetic coozie wasn’t that appealing.

Even kids had a problem with the special sleeve.

The mother isn’t pleased with the Coozie either – the Razorback presence is important.

"You can get professional teams on there, but you can't get all of the college teams on there, in this case the Razorbacks."

"That's not good...not good for"

The family didn’t like it – and that’s why it’s a dud.

It wasn’t just women who didn’t favor the Coozie either – plenty of men told Chad off camera that they weren’t impressed by the price tag. If you want a Magnetic Coozie for tailgating, you can find it online for $9, minus shipping and handling.

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