Deal or Dud: The Mighty Fix It Tape

- The grass is turning green and the flowers are blooming. Spring is in the air so it's time for some gardening.

For most people, this change in weather means you'll be using that leaky gardening hose quite often.

The Mighty Fix It Tape says it can stop the dripping water in seconds, and patch up any pipe job.

The box includes three rolls of this special tape that sticks to itself without any residue.

Fox16's Chad Garneau caught up with Greg Curtis from Good Earth, Green House to see if this magic tape could do the trick.

The pair wasted no time puncturing one of Greg's precious hoses, then Greg shuts off the water and dries the hose.

Then, the hose is wrapped with The Mighty Fix It Tape, interested to see if the hose swells up – but hoping it doesn't spray in Chad's eyes again.

Greg turns the switch – and water comes pouring out.

So far, no good.

The pair tries a different strategy and cuts a bigger hole into the hose.

This time around, Greg tightly wraps the punctured hose with a long strip of the special blue tape, and even waits a moment to allow the tape to seal – but it doesn't work.

So, the Mighty Fix It couldn't stop a leaky hose, but it does claim to have some other features – such as using it as a sports grip.

"They showed it [in the commercial] underneath a sink for a pipe that wasn't pressured," Greg says. "I can see that happening. But anything under pressure…I don't think it's going to work."

From the poor patchwork to the odd sports grip – Chad thinks he knows what Greg is thinking, but asks him anyway. Deal or Dud?

"It's a dud," Greg says.

If you think you'll have better luck with The Mighty Fix It, you can get it at any Walgreens for $10.

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