Deal or Dud: The My Pod Stadium Seat

Published 09/19 2011 02:30PM

Updated 09/19 2011 03:59PM

The Pod Stadium Seat sounds like it was made by Steve Jobs – but it wasn’t. It was made by Rio Adventure. There are some perks to it, but there are some setbacks as well. What did the fans Fox16’s Chad Garneau talked to think?

"I like it"

"Ok. I like it."

"I like it."

The typical responses from Pine Bluff fans Friday night were positive – but what do you expect from a group of people who usually sit on chilly bleachers all evening?

The My Pod stands out as one of the most expensive stadium seats on the market, and features a unique name.

You’d think from the title alone that it would be painted white and carry an apple logo. Instead, the product features blue padding and an adjustable backrest. Is that enough to justify its price tag?

"I like it because it's comfortable,” Markesha said. “I feel like I'm not going to fall back like a regular seat has a nice cushion to it."

"It's a little hard on the back of it but it's a nice chair," Simone said.

Way better than sitting on bleachers. The My Pod may be better than
a chilly bleacher, but the conventional stadium seat is more portable and weighs less than the special blue pad. Are there any other flaws?

"I wish it had a compartment to put things,” Simone said.

Another set back – the My Pod comes in one color: blue. But Simone doesn’t mind that, especially when she finds out about a special perk to the seat – head pad pockets. The My Pod package actually includes its own set of hand warmers.

Is this the game changer that makes this product a deal?

"It's a deal."


"Definitely a deal."

The fans have spoken. Remember – the My Pod Stadium Seat is not allowed in certain venues – especially large ones. If you’re looking to get your hands on one of these, you can find it at Academy Sports for around $20 in Pine Bluff.

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