Deal or Dud: The One Second Needle

- When it comes to sewing, threading the needle is the hardest part – even for veteran stitchers.

Veterans such as Jane, who is a master at sewing and one of the owners of The Stitchin Post in West Little Rock.

"I started sewing when I was seven," Jane says. So she knows her way around a needle.

You would think threading would get easier with age – but it doesn't.

That's where the One Second Needle comes into play.

This $10 product claims to thread a needle in a second, with as little effort as counting to three.

Jane followed the steps on the package: Step one – loop it. Step two – pull. Step three – the needle is threaded.

The results were impressive. Jane even tried to do it blindfolded, as the box says is possible.

"It worked," Jane said.

But what about actually sewing? Will the thread slip out when you have to put that button on your shirt?

Jane tugged through some thin fabric with the threaded needle, and attempts to add a button – but isn't successful.

"It caused me a problem here in the end," she said.

Thanks to the thick needle, Jane got tangled up.

So we tried a different fabric – and different needle – and yet we ran into another problem.

The threading part is easy enough, but sewing is a different story. Does Jane think it's worth the price tag?

Not so much. "Well, overall, it's a dud," she said.

The One Second Needle can be found at Walgreens for $10.

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