Deal or Dud: The Optic 1050

- The Optic 1050 looks like your average pair of binoculars, but the special lens claims to see up to 35 miles – and, be the best bang for your buck.

Fox16 caught up with some fans and cheerleaders in the stands to get their input. For the test, each person tried out the Optic 1050 along with another set of common binoculars that had almost the same specs.

So what did the girls think?

"...It's's a little better but it's just too blurry to see out of."

"I love mine. It's like I'm up there with the action. I like it."

So one person has a clear view point, while the other one is a bit blurry.

They switch binoculars and agree on the same outcome.

"The vision on this one is bad," Kalen said.

The pair that Kalen is referring to is the Optic 1050. So the cheerleaders think it’s a dud.

We gave the same pair of binoculars to a parent and got her response – she thought it was a deal.

The Optic 1050 wasn’t incredibly blurry, yet it did feel pretty light. As for being able to see 35 miles – not so much.

Two duds and one deal – that makes the Optic 1050 a dud.

If you want a cheap pair of binoculars like the Optic 1050, you can find it online for $20 – and that doesn’t include shipping and handling.

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