Deal or Dud: The Pet Hair Magnet

- Are you feeling like your pet’s hair is consuming your household? Well, the pet hair magnet could be the product you’re looking for.

The squeegee looking tool is supposed to remove hair better than your household vacuum.

Katie loves her two English labs Lilly and Missy.

But cleaning up all the hair they leave behind can be a chore.

"They shed all the time, all year long, all the time," Katy said. "Everywhere. On the floors, in the kitchen, on the couch everywhere."

Katie and Chad clip the plastic ties off the package and quickly find a few clumps of hair on the floor. Katie sweeps the carpet with a little pressure – and discovers that the so called Pet Hair “magnet” didn’t fare so well.

"It's either spreading it, and just getting a little bit here but that's all it does," Katy said.

Instead of clumping up all of the hair, the squeegee actually spreads more of the fuzzy stuff into the carpet.

Another flaw is that the “magnet” just piles the hair together – it doesn’t pick the hair off the floor.

Chad and Katie turn their attention to the couch, and with a couple strokes, manage to easily pick up the hair.

"I think the dog hair sticks more on carpet then it would on a couch," Katy said.

So finer fabrics allow it to work – but what about this whole business of being better than your vacuum cleaner?

Katie gets to the bottom of this and dusts off her Dyson Vacuum.

A couple pushes and the hair is immediately sucked up.

She pushes over the same spot with the Pet Hair Magnet, and with much chagrin, discover that it did nothing.

At least the product can be easily cleaned.

Despite the flaws, does Katie think it’s a deal for ten bucks?

Not so much. “It’s a dud,” she said.

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