Deal or Dud: The Robostir

- When you're cooking elaborate meals, you always want an extra hand to help out.

Now, a new product claims to do just that.

It's called the RoboStir – and it's a device that stirs all your soups and sauces for you.

Countless people have inquired about the RoboStir – which took over a month to arrive. But when the box did come in, it contained not one – but two RoboStir devices.

The design features a grey body at the core with silicone feet at the bottom. The product promises to stir soups and sauces automatically without any human assistance.

Fox16's Chad Garneau went to Ferneau Restaurant new Downtown Little Rock, to test it with the namesake chef, Arkansas' own Donnie Ferneau.

"I'm definitely willing to give it a shot," Donnie said.

Before you could say "stir," Chad placed the double A batteries into the device.

Donnie prepared a light pesto cream sauce and stuck the RoboStir inside. A quick push on the top, and the RoboStir, well…stirred.

"It looks like it's doing it's job," Donnie said. "It's kind of tilted."

Further investigation proved that the table might have been the culprit.

"It's kind of wobbling. It could be my table," Donnie said. "This table has seen a lot of action."

"That's the sign of a good chef?" Chad asked.

"This is where we put all of our food," Donnie said. "Right here through the window to get out."

Overall, Donnie was impressed with the first run. The pair decided to try a thicker sauce – a tomato base, with lots of chunks. The RoboStir struggled on the low setting, and wasn't much better on high.

So the thicker sauce brought the RoboStir to a crawl – barely swaing. For $20, is it enough for Donnie to consider it a deal?

"No, it's a dud," Donnie said. "I think it's a dud."

Don't agree? You can try out the RoboStir for yourself. It generally sells online between $15-20, but you'll have to wait several weeks to get it.

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