Deal or Dud: The Stick N' Click

- The Stick N Click is a portable LED light requiring very little work.

According to the package, you just stick it and click it whenever you want light.

Tamela wants to brighten her place and decided to check it out with Fox16’s Chad Garneau.

They headed into the Fox16 break room for the first test – but run into a problem before even getting started. When they opened the backside of the LED light, there was something missing.

The dreaded “batteries not included” routine. Looks like the pair missed that note on the package. After inserting three triple “A” batteries, they were good to go.

One quick peel, switch and click later – let there be light! Even though it isn’t that bright, under the sink it does the job.

"For the sink, it works great,” Tamela said. “I can see what clutter is under there that I might want to clean out."

Tamela peeled off the Stick N Click off the sink with ease and moves to a different test spot – a drawer.

Tamela added the portable light inside and was pretty impressed. With the light inside, you can easily make out the other end of the drawer.

The pair moves into a bigger room and adds two lights – and the lack of visibility speaks for itself.

"It gives you enough light to turn on the lights,” Tamela said. “If you can turn that one on long enough to find the proper light switch or find the on/off switch to the computer, it would at least give you that safety for that purpose."

It won’t replace your light bulb, but it will help you in those really dark, small places.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the light will last a long time. It was tested for over 60 hours and it was still shining bright.

“So Tamela, is it a deal or a dud?”

“It’s a deal. I really like it.”

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