Deal or Dud: The Turbie Twist

- If you look hard enough in the store isles you'll run into the Turbie Twist - a hair towel for women that stays in place and will save time blow drying your hair. Fox16’s Chad Garneau set out to see if the Turbie Twist really is better than the ordinary bath towel.

The box comes with two hair towels and a simple set of instructions on the back.

Just place, twist and loop – and you’re set.

Kelly and her daughter Amy were anxious to try this “super absorbent” towel – but first, they had to test how well a normal bath towel handled their wet hair.

Mom headed for the shower and soaked her head. Amy doused her long, thick hair as well.

But as they dried off, it immediately became clear that the bath towels have their flaws.

The minute they bent down, the towels gravitated to the floor.
Drying was no easy task either, as both mother and daughter took up to 25 minutes to finish up.

After all that, they tried it again but with the Turbie Twist.

A quick head shake reveals that it stays on – unless you shake it really hard.

Both mom and daughter find it to be comfortable as well.

Once they took off the special towel, they found that it soaks up a lot of the water. And ladies, you’ll love this – blow drying time was cut down by ten minutes.

So is it a deal, or a dud?

"It's a deal."

"It's a deal."

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