Deal or Dud: The Whirl Mini Notebook Mouse

- The Whirl Mini Notebook definitely stands out among the competition with its long name and goofy look.

The elevated mouse claims to rock, swivel or pivot with your every move, so your wrist and hands are always in a comfortable position. The $50 gadget comes with batteries and your choice of colors.

Craig has tried every portable mouse on the market, and stopped by the Fox16 newsroom to see what all the hype was about.

Without reading the instructions, he slips in the batteries, turns it on – and finds a transceiver? That's right – that tiny device transfers the signal to the computer.

"I don't think this piece will stick out too far, where you bump it and break it...or anything like that. Yeah, it looks like it would be very convenient to travel with."

The pair plugs the small transceiver into a USB port. In the beginning, the computer doesn't recognize the mouse. After Craig flips through the manual, he discovers the problem.

Apparently, you have to plug the transceiver in before the batteries.

"I've tried different ones and they kind of contort to your hand a little better, but this one is kind of neat for the fact that it lets you rest your hand at any position," Craig says.

So it worked fine on a PC – but what about a Macbook Pro?

"I guess that is one of the side effects," Craig says. "It doesn't work well on Macs, at least this Mac Book Pro."

Will this change Craig's perception?

"I think it's a deal," he says.

Craig appears to be a PC fan. If you think the Whirl Mini Notebook Mouse is right for your computer, you can find it online for $50.

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