Deal or Dud: The Zero Water Filter

- We gave the Zero Water Filter every chance to come out a deal last fall, but our tester judged it a dud. Over the past months, Chad received several comments saying the product did indeed work and should be tested again.

In fact, a representative from Zero Water went as far out to send Fox16 an e-mail pleading us to try it again. Plus, they sent us a new fixed filters to test out. So we decided to see once and for all if it is a Deal or a Dud.

To refresh your memory, the Zero Water Filter is specially made to block all the dissolved solids in your water.

The blue container comes with one filter and a TDS tester to measure the dirty stuff in the water.

Julie is a huge fan, and couldn't wait to give the product a second try.

"Alright Julie, before we get to testing we have to talk about this device again," Chad said. "It's the TDS tester. Last time, we tested the zero water we couldn't get this reading all zeros. Instead we got 0-0-3, let's see what happens the second time around."

Julie filled the container with tap water, and waited…and waited…and waited.

…it didn't seem to take this long last time.

After what seems like an eternity, Julie pours the filtered H20 into a glass. She wipes out the handy dandy TDS tester and it reads all zeroes. That's different from last year.

Afterwards, Julie pours bottled water and tap water into separate glasses to see how they compare to the zero water.

"Can you taste a difference?" Chad asks.

"I actually can," Julie says.

Julie tastes the difference between tap water and zero water, but what about bottled water?

"Can you taste the difference now?" Chad asks.


"Not really," Julie says.

"We did manage to get a zero reading on the TDS tester, but with the cost about $36 – is it a Deal or a Dud?"

"I'd say it's a dud." Julie says. "I wouldn't buy it."

To be clear, the device works – but Julie thinks the Zero Water filter is too expensive.

If you think it is worth the price tag, you can find it in any Bed, Bath and Beyond store for $36.

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