Deal or Dud: Trick or Tracker

- Halloween is quickly approaching and for parents, that means letting their costumed kids go out into the night. Don't you wish you could keep a tab on them from time to time without worrying or calling? Well, listen up. A new Smartphone app has been developed to help you track your children from the moment they leave your doorstep. The app is called the Trick-or-Tracker but is it a deal or a dud?

The Trick-or-Tracker is not your run of the mill smartphone app. It is a special program designed to keep a close eye on your children when they go out for trick or treating.

The setup seems straight forward; you need two smartphones at your disposal and have one of them use an Android operating system.

Roger helped us test out the Trick-or-Tracker.

"It could be [practical], as long as it works. It will really be handy for us," says Roger.

Before you can say Halloween, we try to download the app onto our smartphones. We quickly learn the child has to have the Android phone and that it is the only one that can download the application.

After setting up the app on one phone, FOX16's Chad Garneau wondered around the neighborhood, while Roger stayed inside.

After ten minutes, the phone automatically sends the location to Roger.

"It shows me a map but the map shows me that he is walking on the freeway. Hopefully my kids aren't walking on the freeway," says Roger.

After wondering a bit farther, the app improves a little bit according to Roger.

"Well, the last one said he was at least off the freeway," says Roger.

So is the Trick-or-Tracker a deal or a dud?

"Well, if you were trick or treating on the freeway it is a probably a good deal," says Roger. "I got three [messages] that you were on the freeway."

Despite the huge flaws, the app is free. So is that enough to persuade Roger.

"I got to say it's a big old dud," says Roger.

If you believe the Trick-or-Tracker is the right application for your Halloween excursion you can download it for free from the Android market or from the company's website After November 2nd, it will cost you $10 to use.

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