Deal or Dud: Turbo Snake

- You're washing the dishes or taking a shower and suddenly you realize your drain is clogged up. You don't have time to call a plumber or head to the hardware store, so what do you do? The Turbo Snake says it can fix this problem instantly. Is it a deal or a dud?

The Turbo Snake is a thin plastic wire with velcro at the end of it. The product promises to prey on clogs and with a simple twist, make it all go away.

Jimmie, a professional plumber helped test the Turbo Snake. Jimmie got a call about a clogged bathtub and we raced over to the place.

Off the bat Jimmie noticed the water won't go down the tub. Jimmie put on his gloves and asked for the new tool like a doctor looking for his scaple.

Early on, Jimmie struggles to get the Turbo Snake into the pipe.

"It's pretty difficult to get it get down there, yeah it's really tight,"says Jimmie.

After a couple twists and he pulls up a big clump of hair. The tub is still not fixed but we turn to the sink where we have better success.

So is the Turbo Snake a deal or dud?

"Well, for the price, the sink part worked, but the tub didn't. It's still a deal but it's not going to solve very many of your draining problems," says Jimmie.

If you think the Turbo Snake can unplug your problems you can find it at any Bed, Bath and Beyond or Walgreens for $9.99. Or you can get it on the official Turbo Snake website for $10.00 plus shipping and handling.

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