Deal or Dud: Yoshi Blade

- LITTLE ROCK, AR - Bustling around the kitchen may be your typical routine for the holiday season, but there is a new tool on the market that may cut down your time cooking. It is a new state of the art ceramic knife called the Yoshi Blade. The product claims to be the best knife on the market under $50. Is it a deal, or a dud?

When you pick up the Yoshi Blade you'll notice it comes with a black cover and a convenient ceramic peeler. To the naked eye, the knife appears to be a fake and made out of plastic.

Instead of being made out of steel, the Yoshi Blade is crafted out of a diamond material that it claims to be 40% stronger than steel.

Chef Peter Brave from Brave New Restaurant couldn't wait to give the knife a try and decided to help us out.

He put the blade to work, chopping cucumbers with ease. Chef Peter also tried a simple experiment with a tomato falling onto the knife. In his test, the knife almost split the tomato in half.

"For small and most home services I think it would be an absolutely wonderful blade," said Brave.

He wanted to remind consumers that the black cover is an important item that compliments the blade. "If you drop it from any height, it will shatter, so keeping it in this sheath is a good thing."

It is also worth noting we kept using the knife for over two months and it is still razor sharp. The super sharp peeler also proved to be just as effective as the Yoshi Blade.

So, is it a deal, or a dud? For Chef Peter, the choice is clear. "It's a great deal. They performed wonderfully."

If you believe that the Yoshi Blade is the ideal dicing tool, you can swing by Bed, Bath, and Beyond and pick it up for $19.99.

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