Deal or Dud: Zero Water Filter

- Many of us don't drink tap water. Instead, we turn to bottled water or filters to help quench our thirst. The makers of Zero Water say it's the best way to get the cleanest drinking water. But, is it a deal or a dud? i

Zero Water is not your ordinary filter. It claims to eliminate all of the dissolved solids in your water. That's not all, the makers of the product also claim that you can taste the difference between the filter and other water sources.

FOX16 fan Shae volunteered to help test out the water purifier.

After getting out the instructions we snapped in the filter and we're set.

Before we test out the filter we have to talk about the TDS Meter. The blue device is responsible for measuring all the dissolved solids in the water. Basically the higher number on the dial, the more dissolved solids in your water. It's that simple.

We setup a small experiment to give it a try. Shae headed for the faucet and get the tap water.

We stuck the TDS meter in the glass and received a reading of 33 parts per million. Next, we checked our bottled water. We got an amazing result of 0-0-1. Now onto the conventional filter. It yields a messly 30 parts per million.

The box advertises a completely different set of numbers from these tests. The test was not going as planned. So now it's time to see how the Zero Water turned out.

Shae poured some tap water into the large filter. She struggled to pour the water out from the container. The first result showed 34 parts per million. That's worse than the tap water.

We try a second trial. This time Shae lets the entire water flow through the filter. A better result comes in, only five parts per million. still not zero.

For the second test we laid out the bottled water, tap water, filtered water and the Zero Water. Can Shae tell the difference?

"Not really," says Shae.

This Zero Water costs $35 and you have to get filters every other month. Is this product a deal or dud?

"It's a dud. Definitely a dud," says Shae.

If you think the Zero Water Filter is worth the price you can find it at any Bed, Bath and Beyond for $34.99. Additional filters cost about $15 on the company's website.

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