New Guidelines for Treating Heat Illness in Athletes

- As schools across Arkansas prepare for the fall sports season, there are new guidelines for treating heat illness.

Experts now recommend athletes with suspected heat stroke be cooled immediately in a cold water immersion tub before being taken to the hospital.

It's also being recommended that pre-season practices focus on getting student athletes acclimated to the heat.

For example, football players should only have single practices without pads for the first few days.

They say all schools should have an emergency action plan specifically for heat illness.

In other health news, young women who are depressed face a significantly increased risk for heart problems.

A study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association looked at more than 3,000 adults with suspected heart disease for three years.

Researchers found women 55and younger who had moderate or severe depression were two times more likely to suffer a
heart attack or require an artery-opening procedure.

The more symptoms of depression a woman reported the higher her risk for heart disease.

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