No Shave November Raising Prostate Cancer Awareness


No Shave November is raising awareness about prostate cancer.

Fox16 sports guys Wess Moore and Jason Snavely took it to a new level.

This month the two of them went head-to-head to see who could grow the best beard.

The challenge was tough in the beginning, they endured a lot of itching, but in the end a leader emerged. 

They'll be the first to tell you it's not about winning the beard growing challenge, it's about bringing awareness to a disease that affects far too many men.

Wess Moore says, "It makes you realize it's not just a stunt. It is something that is creating awareness and putting the word out. And it helped. We heard from the Prostate Cancer Foundation how many more calls they were getting so it make you feel good we're creating awareness."

Jason Snavely says, "Actually hearing more and more people are getting screened, wow, I really can make a  difference and not just do sport highlights.  And it's nice to be part of something bigger than just a sports segment."

1/6 men will get prostate cancer in his lifetime and 1/3 African American men will get it.

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