The Right Way To Heat Your Home During Winter

- There is a right way and a wrong way to heat your home during the winter.

Carbon Monoxide is an invisible-odorless gas produced by fuel-burning heating systems and it can kill.

The Centers For Disease Control and Prevention says carbon monoxide kills about 500 people each year, and at least 15,000 suffer from accidental exposure, most from heating systems.

Emergency Room Physician Stephen Meldon says you need to be vigilant about keeping carbon monoxide out of your home.

Meldon says, "Anything that burns produces carbon monoxide so big no-no's - propane heaters inside, we've heard reports of people using charcoal grills. Those produce a lot of carbon monoxide so i would absolutely discourage that."

Portable gasoline-powered generators also produce dangerous levels of carbon monoxide, and the CDC recommends they be used outside, far away from your home during a winter power outage.

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