Vitamin C Found To Be Helpful In Treating Cancer Patients

- Preliminary research suggests vitamin c may be helpful in treating cancer patients.

Scientists found large doses of vitamin c damaged and prevented the growth of cancer cells in mice, without harming the healthy cells.

They also found benefits for human patients as well.

A small group of people with advanced ovarian cancer were injected with vitamin c in addition to their chemotherapy.

They reported having more energy, less nausea and tolerated the chemo better than patients who were not given vitamin c.

In other health news, if getting your flu shot is still on your "to do" list, it's not too late!

The FDA says the vaccine is protective as long as the flu is circulating and we're just now hitting the peak season.

More young adults and children have been affected by flu this year especially the H1N1 strain.

The Arkansas Health Department is reporting nearly 40 flu deaths this year.

While it's not known how many of these people got a flu shot, health experts say this year's vaccine does protect against this strain.

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