Is Impeachment Next for Lt. Gov. Darr?

LITTLE ROCK, AR - After Arkansas Lt. Gov. Mark Darr released a letter today stating his intention to remain in office amid ethics questions, the Arkansas House Speaker is talking about the impeachment process.

Davy Carter released the following statement late this afternoon:
"Today’s events have raised the level of inquiries into my office regarding the mechanics of the impeachment process. From research conducted by my office, no one has ever been impeached in Arkansas under our current Constitution written in 1874. Moreover, there are limited statutes on the subject and virtually no precedence in the House to look to for procedural guidance. Everyone is entitled to due process before substantive judgments are made, and, as we sit here today, there is no clear process clearly established in the House. Accordingly, my office is contemplating a couple of avenues in which to provide a proper process should the majority of members decide to pursue impeachment. The most likely scenario at this juncture would be the appointment of eight to ten House members to a bi-partisan ad hoc committee charged with making procedural recommendations to the House Committee on Rules." 

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