Third Teen Arrested in Burns Park Robbery Investigation

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR -- A young man is in custody after being arrested Friday by North Little Rock police.

18-year-old Kaleem Phillips has been charged with Kidnapping, Robbery and Felony Theft for allegedly taking part in a robbery in January.

Two other teens had previously been arrested in a carjacking and kidnapping that happened on January 13th in Burns Park.

Davieion McElroy, 16 and Vincent Shabazz, 15, both of North Little Rock, are charged as adults with kidnapping, theft of property by force, and aggravated robbery in the case.

McElroy and Shabazz are accused of forcing a teen boy at gunpoint to let them into his pickup truck before driving him to ATM's and taking cash from his bank account.

"Basically, they cocked the gun and pointed it toward the victim's head, and they demanded his wallet, cell phone, and any money he had," said Sgt. Brian Dedrick back in January.

Dedrick is the spokesperson for the North Little Rock Police Department.

The teen was released but after he got out of the truck, the suspects allegedly shot at him and then drove away in his vehicle with his wallet, cell phone and cash.

The victim told investigators he had been waiting on some friends to play tennis at Burns Park before a tap on his window began the ordeal. 

One of the ATM's visited in the incident provided police with surveillance video of the crime in progress.

The victim's truck was found near McCain Mall.

Police say McElroy and Shabazz were taken into custody at the Juvenile Detention Center while being held on unrelated charges.

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