What is a Severe Weather Alert Day?

Published 03/03 2010 02:15PM

Updated 04/22 2010 01:18PM

Severe Weather Alert Day
Severe Weather Alert Day
As part of our promise to bring you clear, accurate and dependable forecasts that you can use to plan your day, FOX16 has instituted Severe Weather Alert Days. We will announce a Severe Weather Alert Day when severe weather is imminent but before it strikes Central Arkansas. This will give you time to take necessary precautions to keep you and your family safe once the severe weather hits.
When a Severe Weather Alert Day is announced, you will begin seeing the Severe Weather Alert Day icon during programming on FOX16. The icon will be accompanied by information on the nature of the threatening weather. FOX16.com will also display information about the severe weather on the home page.
Tune into FOX16 and visit FOX16.com for the latest severe weather information. We will let you know when and where the severe weather will strike. This information will help you plan the best way to way to protect your family.

Read and download the FOX16 Severe Weather Guide to learn what to do when tornadoes, flooding and lightning are in your area.

You can also zoom into your neighborhood with the FOX16 Interactive Radar to see exactly what the weather is doing where you live.

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