April Proclaimed Autism Awareness Month in Arkansas

LITTLE ROCK, AR - A day after a new report is released saying 1 in 68 children in the U.S. has an autism spectrum disorder, the State of Arkansas is doing more to raise awareness.

Governor Mike Beebe has declared April Autism Awareness Month in Arkansas.

Four-year-olds, Mary Allen and Cameron are at the State Capitol with their families and others who live with autism, as the governor signs the proclamation.

"Awareness is key, as far as research dollars, donor dollars, being able to work with the school system so we can identify and get the proper services for these children," explains Cecil Ennett.

One way of assisting children who are autistic is a new early intervention program for the state called the Autism Waiver. It's free for families.

Clients get 30 hours a week of intense therapy in their home that includes work with speech, language and behavior.

Parents say the Autism Waiver is the best thing that could have happened to their children.

Governor Beebe has also proclaimed April 2nd Autism Awareness Day.

The Autism Waiver program is a 3-year program and you must enroll your child before the age of seven. Talk to your pediatrician or child's school for more on the waiver program. 

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