Donna Terrell's Motivation for Yoga Warriors

LITTLE ROCK, AR --There are over 200 different cancers. Colon cancer is the most treatable, if it's caught early.

The number of overall colon cancers have gone down but it seems to be rising in the younger populations.

Donna Terrell has a personal story to tell.

This is her daughter Queah.

She was diagnosed at 27-years-old with colon cancer and there was no family history of it.
She always made it a point to get the word out to other young people.

She wanted them to know that colon cancer is not only an older person's disease, it strikes younger people too.

She carried that message as long as she could but she passed away three years ago.

Donna is picking up where she left off.

The main question is: Why are so many younger people getting this disease?

"I don't think we have a complete understanding of why more people are getting it at a younger age. There's definitely implication, dietary implications. I think we're just at the early stages of understanding how our diet impacts our overall health," explains Dr. Gentry, a CARTI Oncologist.

One of the things Queah started doing when she got sick was yoga. She loved it!
It made her feel so much better.

And that is why Donna created, "Donna Terrell's Yoga Warriors Fighting Colon Cancer."
In order to honor her daughter and help create awareness of this disease.

We hope you will attend the free yoga event on Saturday, March 29th.
The event is at the Downtown Marriot Outdoor Terrace and starts at 10 a.m.

Donations for the American Cancer Society are welcome but all you need to bring is a yoga mat.
There will also be a silent auction to help raise money.

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