Back Pain not Caused by the Weather

- A new study finds weather does not affect back pain.

Many people say their back pain symptoms are influenced by the weather.

But Australian researchers tracked pain reports of almost 1,000 patients and daily weather conditions for one year.

They found back pain was not affected by temperature, humidity, air pressure, or rainfall.

However, higher wind gusts did slightly increase the risk of lower back pain but not enough to be significant.

In other health news, too much twitter may be bad for your relationship.

Researchers created a 20 question online survey and tweeted it out to more than 3 million users.

Nearly 600 completed the survey.

On average participants said they used twitter about 52 minutes a day, five days a week.

They found increased twitter use was associated with high amounts of conflict over that use, and that led to cheating or failure of the relationship.

While the team did find a link between twitter use and failed relationships, it did not prove relationships fell apart because of twitter use.

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