Beating the Odds: Story of Survival

- All this month I've been focusing on colon cancer awareness.

Some of you know my daughter died from colon cancer, so this is a special mission of mine.

Today I'm introducing you to Jannie Cotton.

22 years ago she was battling an ulcer. 

Then she began to notice blood in her stool and thought it had something to do with the ulcer.

Fortunately, she took her doctor's advice and got a colonoscopy. 

Jannie has advice for those of you who are afraid to get a colonoscopy.

Jannie says, "Fear is an enemy and when you fear things you can't get them resolved."

She adds that, "It's not that bad but it's just the process of taking the medicine before because you're under anesthesia.  Go ahead and have it."

Jannie has now been cancer free for 22 years.

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