Breakfast Cereals Could Potentially Harm Children

- Could your children be getting too much of a good thing at the breakfast table?

A new report says  children are ingesting "potentially unhealthy amounts" of vitamin a, zinc and niacin, in their breakfast cereals.

The recent report comes from the Environmental Working Group.

It says outdated nutritional labeling and misleading marketing by food manufacturers could be to blame.

However, outside experts say many of the cereals tested were not popular among children.

The research looked at children who might have been taking supplements and all the food they ate throughout the day, not just what they had for breakfast.

In other health news, vitamin d deficiency has been linked to several health conditions leading some doctors to recommend universal screening.

However, the U.S. Preventive Services task force said they don't have enough information to determine whether screening will provide a health benefit.

They say there is still debate over the optimal level of vitamin d, and that people who are concerned about their vitamin d status should talk to their doctor.

People most at risk are those who have little exposure to sunlight or don't eat enough vitamin d foods.

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