Breast Feeding Difficult When Working Full-Time

- A new study from the Centers for Disease Control Explores what many working moms already know, that it's difficult to continue breast feeding an infant while working full time.

A study of nearly 1,200 new mothers found those who returned to work full time within six weeks of giving birth were less likely to meet their goal of nursing for three months.

In other health news, a program to help overweight women simply maintain their weight, not necessarily lose it, appears to help relieve depression.

Duke University researchers puts 185 overweight, low-income African American women into two groups.

One group set goals, like quitting fast food, and received a personal health coach and gym membership.

About 20% of women in each group reported being depressed.

After a year, only 11% of women in the intervention group said they were still depressed.

There was very little change in the other group.

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