Cervical Cancer Rates in U.S. Higher Than Previously Thought

- New study suggests cervical cancer rates in the U.S. may be higher among women in their 60's than previously believed.

Researchers at the University of Maryland School of Medicine found earlier estimates of cervical cancer appeared to have underestimated the number of cases in older women.

Other studies had taken into account women who'd had hysterectomies in which the cervix was removed eliminating their risk for cervical cancer.

When researchers readjusted the risk, they found women in their late 60's and African American women had higher rates of cancer.

In other health news, medication to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder may reduce the risk of smoking among young people.

Doctors at Duke Medicine found the link was strongest when patients took their medication consistently.

Studies have shown those with ADHD smoke at higher rates than their peers. 

The theory is that patients tend to self-medicate with nicotine, but this study suggests the medication may help prevent people from starting to smoke.

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