Change Of Appetite In Gastric Bypass Patients

- People who have weight loss surgery may no longer like some of their favorite foods after the procedure!

In a new study of over 100 gastric bypass patients, 73% said they had taste changes, especially when it came to sweet and sour flavors. 

Nearly 3/4 of patients said they developed a dislike of certain foods, especially meats. 

One positive effect of these changes?  They lost an average of 18 pounds more after their surgery than those whose taste was not affected.

In other health news, new research reveals higher rates of celiac disease among children with irritable bowel syndrome. 

A study of nearly 1,000 children with abdominal pain disorders found over 4% of those with IBS tested positive for celiac disease, and that's four times higher than the general pediatric population. 

However, less than 1% of children with other abdominal disorders had celiac disease. 

Researchers say these findings suggest testing for celiac disease should be limited to kids with irritable bowel syndrome instead of all children with recurrent stomach pain.

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