Coffee Consumption Linked To Lower Risk For Diabetes

- A cup of joe could lower the risk for diabetes. 

Researchers at Harvard Medical School studied diet questionnaires filled out by over 100,000 adults and compared them to the number of cases of diabetes. 

They found participants who drank an additional cup of coffee each day over the four year period had a slightly lower risk for diabetes.

Outside experts say the results only applied to caffeinated coffee. 

People taking statins to treat high cholesterol are eating more calories now than those taking the drugs ten years ago.

In other health news, a  new study out of UCLA compared the calorie and fat intake of statin users in 2009 to those who took the drugs in 1999. 

They found calorie intake went up almost 10% in 2009 and consumption of fat went up nearly 15%. 

The diets of people not taking the drugs didn't change during this time.

Researchers say two factors could be at play; doctors are now prescribing statins to people who eat more, or statin users don't feel the same urgency to eat healthy as they did in the past.

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