Eating Disorders Among Men On The Rise

- Eating disorders among young men appear to be on the rise.

But a new study shows men are slower to recognize symptoms and get help.

Researchers interviewed 39 young adults with a history of eating disorders.

All of the men said it took them longer to understand their behaviors because they thought eating disorders were a woman's problem.

They even delayed getting help because they worried they would not be taken seriously.

In fact, it took a crisis or emergency situation for most of the men to seek treatment.

In other health news, a new study finds most schools are meeting the requirements of a government mandate to provide free/clean drinking water to students at lunchtime.

Researchers found most schools provide drinking fountains in the cafeteria, water pitchers on lunch tables, or free bottled water but some adjustments are still needed.

Water fountains may not be best in elementary schools because students aren't always allowed permission to get up and get a drink.

Middle and high school students voiced concerns about the cleanliness of drinking fountains and the quality of the water.

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