Exercise Can Improve Your Health


It's no secret exercise can improve your health and a new study finds it's never too late to get active!

Researchers tracked the health of over 3,000 men and women in their 60's.After eight years, they found a direct link between exercise and the odds of healthy aging.

Seniors who did moderate or vigorous activity at least once a week were three times more likely to be healthy agers than those who were inactive.

In other health news, a study of 3,000 women in Ireland reveals private patients had significantly higher C-section rates than patients treated in publicly funded hospitals.

This disparity was most pronounced in the rate of planned C-sections which was about twice as high among private patients.

Researchers say the differences were not explained by more medical or obstetric complications for private patients, but could be due to older age and higher income.

Also, new research finds cancer patients assigned to a nurse navigator after their diagnosis had a more positive experience during treatment.

Oncology Nurse Navigators or advocates are becoming more popular across the country, but there hasn't been much data on their effectiveness.

But the study found weekly contact with a Nurse Navigator for four months helped patients feel more
emotionally supported and better prepared for the future.

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