Family Health: Eggs & Fertility

- Doctors say age is important to consider when talking fertility drugs. A woman is born with about one million eggs -- but as they age -- the quality of the eggs begins to deteriorate. In turn -- the chances of getting pregnant go down as you get older. Newer technology has made it possible for women to hold off on starting a family into their forties. Donor eggs are available and women can freeze their eggs if they plan ahead...something Dr. Cynthia Austin advises women to do if they want a baby in  the future.

"There are many things that women need to consider; their career choices, their spouse choices, their decision to be a single parent or not. Part of what they need to consider is that they won't remain equally fertile throughout their years and if they don't start trying to become pregnant by the end of their 30's, they need to understand that it may not be successful," she explains.

Donor eggs and frozen eggs require in vitro fertilization once you are ready to start trying.

Meanwhile, smartphone users are advised to put the cell phone down... you're being called the new "couch potatoes."

Researchers surveyed more than 300 college students about their cell phone use, leisure and physical activities. Overall -- these students spent an average of five hours a day on their smartphones. Researchers found students -- who were on their phones up to 14 hours a day were less fit and had more sedentary lifestyles -- than those who averaged an hour and a half a day on their devices.

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