Family Health: Fighting over Money

- LITTLE ROCK, AR - Couples fight over a lot of things and money is typically one of them.

Kansas State University researchers studied more than 45-hundred couples. They found it did not matter how much you made, or how much you're worth, arguments about money are the top predictor for divorce.

Here's what the Cleveland Clinic's Dr. Scott Bea says about that. "This is something we don't talk about before we get married. We worry about all sorts of other things. We think about sex, we think about kids, we think about communication, we rarely think about money being the root of difficulties in relationships," he says.

Researchers say it takes longer for a couple to recover from money arguments than any other kind of argument and the earlier you start fighting over money will significantly increase your chances of being dissatisfied with your relationship.

The fighting can affect your children too.

That's why Dr. Bea says before you tie the knot, you're better off tying up any loose ends ion your finances.

"We know that people who enter marriage with great doubt, that puts them at risk. And if you're having doubt about finances, that would put you at particular risk. So, finding ways to negotiate a workable balance for financial matters from the moment before you get to the altar that would be good insurance for your marriage into the future," he explains.

Here's something else to consider. Dr. Bea says if you find yourself fighting about money, you might want to consider bringing in a finance expert to help.

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