Family Health: New Human Body Part Discovered

- LITTLE ROCK, AR - Researchers confirm the discovery of a human body part that no one could ever prove existed.

The part is called the anterolateral ligament (ALL). It exists in the knee, and it's believed to be responsible for the ability to pivot shift.

Frenchman Paul Segone first said it existed in 1879. Now, two Belgian knee surgeons have confirmed it's really there.

Doctors believe the discovery will help explain why some anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries are harder to fix.

In other health news, nearly one out of every three people who should undergo a colon cancer screening don't. A new CDC (Centers for Disease Control) report shows about 28 percent of people who should be screened have never done so. Another 7 percent have undergone screening but are not up to date on those tests.

The reason people aren't being screened is because their doctor didn't recommend it. So, the CDC is encouraging health care systems to reach out to those who should be screened and offer them the opportunity for testing.

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