Farmers' Market Vouchers Improve Access to Fruits & Vegetables For Low-Income Households

- Farmers' market vouchers may be useful tools in improving access to fruits and vegetables for people with low-incomes.

NYU researchers gave vouchers for farmers' markets to 138 economically disadvantaged women in cities across the country.

After four months, more than half said they were consuming more vegetables.

The effect was most pronounced among women with low levels of education.

In other health news, a new study out of Brown University suggests receiving a false positive test result may not be as mentally damaging as previously thought.

Researchers surveyed nearly 3,000 participants in a large lung cancer study.

They found those who received a false positive did not experience more anxiety, or a lower quality of life, when compared to patients who got negative results.

Experts say the participants were well informed of the chance they could experience a false positive and that seemed to help them cope with the news.

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