Flu Hits Young People Harder This Year

- This years flu season has been one for the record books.  Nearly 50 people have died from the virus here in Arkansas.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports this season is different than previous years mainly because the virus is affecting younger and healthier people.

Adults between 25 and 64 account for more than half of flu deaths this year.

Dr. Robert Hopkins Jr. at UAMS says, "We're seeing a different group of people who are having the most severe disease. We're seeing more flu, earlier flu.  And although we're seeing the numbers go down, we're still seeing a lot of people with the flu."

According to the CDC, Arkansas is considered to have one of the highest amounts of flu diagnoses.

In other health news, men drop pounds so much faster.

A study out of England put both men and women on the same diet.

The study found that after two months, men lost twice as much weight and three times as much body fat as the women.

But don't get too excited men, because women will eventually catch up.

Six months into the study the weight loss evened out.

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