Food Myths


Did you eat too much turkey yesterday? Did it make you sleepy?

Okay let's talk about myths.

Turkey makes you sleepy, and  desserts can lead to acne.  We hear these ideas tossed around during the holidays, but
they really are myths.

Turkey does contain a chemical called Tryptophan which can act like a natural sedative, but it doesn't have any more than many other foods.

Consuming way too many calories is what puts us in our post-meal slumber, not the Tryptophan.

Another myth is that drinking more alcohol will cure a hangover. Actually dehydration after a heavy night of
drinking is what usually causes a hangover. 

If you eat something and drink a lot of water, that would be the ideal way to cure a hangover. 

It's also a myth that ingredients in desserts can cause acne.  It's actually touching a greasy holiday treat and then touching your face that could  lead to a flair-up.

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