Foods That Resemble the Body Parts They Benefit

- LITTLE ROCK, AR - There's a belief you can tell if certain foods are good for you just by looking at them.

For example, walnuts look wrinkled like the surface of the brain, and when you crack them open ,the inside also resembles the left and right hemispheres. Studies have linked eating walnuts to better memory and brain function.

Wellness expert Tanya Edwards explains how carrots and tomatoes work.  "It looks like the eye and sure enough carrots are a rich source of beta-carotene which makes Vitamin A in your body and as we know, Vitamin A is very important in the normal functioning of the retina and for improvement in vision," she says. 

Edwards adds that, "When you cut open a tomato, it almost looks like the four chambers of the heart and there are many of the vital chemicals, the plant based chemicals in tomatoes. For instance, lycopene, which are highly antioxidant and have been shown to be potentially helpful for the functioning of the heart." 

Edwards also says fruit and vegetables generally promote good overall health and should be in a diet regardless of how they look.

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