Heart Attack Recovery More Difficult For Young Women

- UAMS researchers have been awarded a 4.4 million dollar grant.

The money will be used for space radiation health research.

Researchers say people exposed to radiation in different scenarios on earth have shown higher incidences of cardiovascular diseases like hypertension, heart disease and stroke.

Now their job at UAMS is to determine if radiation exposed during space travel has similar negative long-term consequences for cardiovascular health.

They will also look for ways to reduce health risks from radiation exposure in space.

Not sure yet what that means for us here on Earth but we'll keep following it.

In other health news, a new study suggests young women may have a more difficult recovery after a heart attack than young men.

Yale researchers followed 3,500 heart patients under the age of 55.

A year after their heart attack, women were more likely to have poor physical and mental functioning, more chest pain and a lower overall quality of life.

The differences may be due to a range of cultural and biological causes but experts say improved treatments are needed for young women recovering from a heart attack.

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