How To Recognize Eating Disorders In Teens

- This week is National Eating Disorders Awareness Week.  Teens are among the most at risk of developing a disorder,but there are ways that parents can spot the signs.

The first step is to understand why eating disorders happen.

Major factors include social pressure,low self-esteem, and perfectionism.

If you notice sudden changes in your child's weight and eating habits, the best thing you can do is talk to them.

In other health news, early new research links attention deficit hyperactivity disorder with taking a common pain reliever during pregnancy.

A recent study of thousands of mothers and their children found that more than half said they'd taken acetaminophen while pregnant, an over the counter drug considered safe during pregnancy.

Kids had a higher risk of ADHD behaviors by age 7, when their mothers had taken the pain killer.

Experts say the research does not prove any cause and effect and is too early to change recommendations.

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