Large Number of Children Eating Their Fruits and Vegetables

- A new government report reveals a large number  of young people are eating their fruits and vegetables.

The National Health and Nutrition Survey found three quarters of 2-year olds to 19-year-olds ate one or more servings of fruit a day and nine out of ten young people consumed at least one vegetable each day.

Younger children were much more likely than teens to eat fruit but the gap was much smaller for vegetable consumption.

Nutrition guidelines recommend all people eat at least one cup of both fruit and veggies each day.

In other health news, the flu vaccine are already being shipped out in advance of the upcoming flu season.

Glaxso Smith Klein has approval for two vaccine formulations and pending FDA lot releases will have another two vaccines ready to start shipping next month.

The company anticipates supplying a combined total of as many as 33 million doses to the U.S.

The CDC recommends most Americans over the age of six months get a flu vaccine every year.

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