Link Between Pesticides And Alzheimers

A synthetic pesticide that's banned in the U.S. may raise the risk for Alzheimer's disease.

DDT has been banned since the early 1970's, but scientists say the chemical can take many years to break down in the environment.

Rutgers University researchers studied a group of 165 older adults, about half had Alzheimer's disease.

Those with the disease were much more likely to have evidence of DDT in their blood.

The study also found the chemical exposure may increase the severity of the disease.

In other health news the nutrition facts label on most food products may look different soon, the Food and Drug Administration has sent guidelines for new food labels to the White House.

One of the proposed changes is making the number of calories more prominent.

Other potential changes include using more teaspoon measurements instead of grams, and including a line for added sugars and syrups.

The nutrition facts food label hasn't changed in two decades.

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