Mediterranean Diet Helps Children Avoid Obesity

- A new study reveals children who consume a Mediterranean diet are 15% less likely to be overweight or obese.

European researchers followed children from eight countries, tracking their weight and consumption of 43 foods over two years.

They found those who ate higher amounts of nuts, vegetables, fruit, fish and grains were more likely to maintain a healthy weight than kids who consumed more dairy and meat products.

In other health news, cochlear implants improve hearing in deaf children but may be linked to delays in memory, attention and learning.

A new study found children with cochlear implants were two to five times more likely to have these cognitive delays than their peers with normal hearing.

Researchers say these findings suggest there is a certain amount of 'catch up' that is needed because of hearing loss.

The study did find that children who had the devices implanted at a younger age, around 18 months, had fewer delays than those who were implanted after the age of two.

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