New Campaign Launched By American Cancer Society: 80% By 2018

- The American Cancer Society has launched a new campaign to fight colon cancer called "80% by 2018".

It means ACS wants 80% of people 50-years-old and over to be screened for colon cancer by the year 2018.

And while it certainly is a step in the right direction, it does not include people like Jessica Gabaldon.

She was 33 when she was diagnosed with colon cancer.

She says it seems people are getting this disease younger and younger. 

And sooner or later something needs to be done to address that issue because most insurance companies won't pay for screening until you reach age 50 unless you have symptoms of the disease.

Gabaldon says, "I hope that sooner or later these screenings requirement or screening suggestions will come down to meet the levels of people in their
20's and 30's that have colon cancer.  Because i think a lot more people are getting diagnosed with it later stage that the elderly ones."

My daughter Queah was one of them who was diagnosed in the late stage of the disease.

Jessica was diagnosed at stage four.

I'll tell you more about Jessica and her journey with colon cancer and how her positive attitude has been a game changer next week.

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