New Guidelines Urge Doctors To Perform Fewer C-Sections

- Doctors should be more patient when it comes to performing c-sections, that's according to newly released guidelines from leading pregnancy specialists which aim to reduce the high c-section rate in the U.S.

The recommendations urge doctors not to order a c-section just because of prolonged labor, because it can take longer than experts previously thought.

In fact, experts now believe active labor doesn't begin until the cervix is six centimeters dilated, instead of four.

Women should push for at least two hours if they have delivered before, and three hours if it's their first baby.

In other health news, studies have proven bariatric surgery can help patients with type 2 diabetes.

Now research also suggests it could help patients with the juvenile form of the disease, also known as type 1.

A small study out of the Cleveland Clinic looked at the medical records of ten obese type 1 diabetics who underwent weight loss surgery.

They found the procedure led to a decreased need for insulin, and improvements in their blood sugar control and blood pressure.

While larger studies are needed, researches say adult patients with type 1 should not exclude bariatric surgery from their treatment options.

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